Taysia louisee - Perth, Australia TripAdvisor

My partner and I just had a full body deep tissue massage and it was very very good. He has been here a few times and loved it each time but it was my first time today and that was the best massage I’ve ever had in my life. Usually when I’m getting a massage there is parts of it that feel really targeted and beneficial but other parts that feel kind of like wasted time. This whole massage was targeted very well and got into all of my areas of tension, plus my masseuse was very considerate and made sure the pressure and areas of focus were what I needed most. Will definitely be back.

RenVix Trip Advisor

One of the best Massages this side of Bali. Gently unleashed every knot in my back without having to direct her to any specific zone, one by one she just found them all. I also like that Tiger Balm was used rather than just an oil.

Hana B Trip Advisor

At 30yrs old I’ve had a few massages including Bodhi which in all honesty was a disappointment especially compared to Tara’s massage which I went to today. Mum is visiting from NZ, we email booked in the night before after seeing trip advisor reviews, I love a hard massage and mum likes it average and both were incredible!!! I got the Thai massage and mum got relaxation. They did from the tips of your toes to finger tips and head. Was wonderful, highly recommend to all! So affordable too!!! $75, Don’t go to the flash expensive ones when this is so central, affordable, flexible and relaxing. Got all my knots out too

Morgan S Tripadvisor

In Perth for the 2018 Rottnest channel swim. After the exhausting day we all piled into the car and headed for a post swim massage. (Booked a week in advance at Tara Massage for the three of us). We had heard about this place and read some reviews so we walked in confidently knowing this place is good. Well, they were right. Its interior is well thought out, Clean, spacious. The staff that greeted us were very friendly and very professional. The moment they have you on the table and get going you get found out, they found a load of trouble spots and knots that just wouldn’t quit, pain was right up there but they had us asking for more!. It was much better than expected, even though I was prepared. The techniques and pressure during my session were awesome. This was far out the best massage I’ve ever had in Perth. We came out as a different person. An absolute must If you love massage. You don’t find this kind of massage combined with great service too often in Perth,plus they do a glorious warm natural ginger tea afterwards which was just perfect.
Thank you ladies for putting us back together, we will see you again for sure next time we are up your way.

Anna Evans Google Reviews

Highly recommend Tara Massage. The booking process is easy and efficient. The staff are always welcoming and friendly. The communication is great, ensuring you are comfortable and they always confirm what type of massage you want including how soft/hard to massage. The business is always clean and fresh. They also offer private health fund rebate which is great. Will continue to support this business.

Mark Joseph Google Reviews

Excellent… it was one of the best massages I’ve ever had (and I’ve had many over the years). The massage was faultless … thorough, unhurried, perfect pressure… just perfect in every sense. I highly recommend Tara massage :)

Pranshu Vyas Google Reviews

A great place for a great massage. In my opinion they’re best in business.. The best part about their service is that they ask you where you want them to focus and later treat that area to perfection.. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Crystal O’Neill Google Reviews

Best remedial massage you can get!
Absolutely fantastic. Neat as a pin, professional, clean and I always feel safe here!