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Largely seen as an indulgence, massage has shifted to being a legitimate way of providing pain relief.

In the past, massages have been viewed as a purely luxurious activity. As further research has been conducted, it has shown that there are some truly amazing benefits for our bodies besides feeling relaxed. Studies have outlined that regular massage is a proven way of reducing chronic pain and inflammation.

The history of massage and healing touch isn’t simple. Although, after thorough deduction, massage can now be defined as the systematic and scientific manipulation of the soft tissues in our bodies for the purpose of obtaining or maintaining health.

How does pain relief massage work and how does it decrease soreness?

Massage therapists relieve pain by way of several mechanisms, including relaxing muscles, tendons, and joints. They help to ‘close the pain gate‘ by stimulating competing nerve fibres and impeding pain messages to and from the brain. Therapeutic massage can have a great effect on lowering chronic pain in the back, hands, neck, and knees.

Research has shown…

  • Reduced hand pain and an improvement in grip strength amongst people who had four weekly hand massage sessions and did self-massage at home. Those who received the hand massage also slept better and suffered from less anxiety and depression as compared to those who did not receive the hand massages.
  • 60-minute therapeutic massage sessions twice or three times a week for four weeks relieved chronic neck pain better than no massage or fewer or shorter massage sessions.

Interrupting the pain ‘gate’ or ‘cycle’ – how does it work?

The pain cycle begins when painful stimuli (a thing or event that evokes a specific functional reaction in an organ or tissue) result in reflex muscle contraction and localised muscle splitting or guarding. The muscle then restricts movement and decreases circulation, reducing the amount of oxygen available to the tissues.

The subsequent swelling then creates more pain and from then on muscle splitting becomes more intense. The cycle continues to repeat itself and a secondary pain then occurs that exceeds the original discomfort.

A targeted pain cycle massage interrupts that process on all levels by reducing muscle tension, increasing circulation, reducing inflammation, and increasing movement.

Other benefits of massage include:

  • Reduced anxiety and stress
  • Relief of muscle tension
  • Increase in range of motion
  • Improvement of motor skills
  • Increased flexibility
  • Improvement of connective tissue healing
  • Increased mental alertness

Tara Massage will help you say goodbye to chronic pain

Does easing the amount of pain you feel daily and these other benefits sound like dream come true to you? You don’t even need to bother looking up ‘massage near me’. Tara Massage has skilled therapists ready to treat you based on your needs and preferences in Perth, WA.

We encourage you to call us and explain any of the pains you’re experiencing. Our friendly team will accommodate you if you ask for advice on which massage will be best suited. Let us know which type of touch you prefer (light touch, firm pressure, or hard pressure) before booking in an appointment. Massage doesn’t have to be painful to be therapeutic. A lighter touch may be more beneficial depending on your situation.

Are you interested in booking several appointments to relieve your chronic pain? Tara Massage Perth has a loyalty program that will greatly benefit you! After your fifth visit, you will receive 20% off and after your tenth appointment, you will get an extra free 30 minutes of massage.

We look forward to hearing from you!