What is Reflexology?

If you have ever browsed a list of massages on offer at a spa or massage centre, you might have come across the word Reflexology with an image of some pretty feet. You most likely came to the conclusion that it had something to do with your tootsies – you’d be half right. 

The word Reflexology stems from the Latin term ‘reflexux’, meaning reflection or refract and -ology, meaning ‘branch of knowledge or science’.

Essentially, reflexology is the study of mapping the pressure points on feet, hands, and ears, as they correspond to stimulation within the body — touch a bit of your toe just right and something in your neck is affected. 

The exciting thing about this is when correct pressure and techniques are applied to these external body parts, certain organs and bodily processes internally are positively affected. If you are searching  for a good hack to try and reduce stress and anxiety, then look no further. Reflexology is exactly what you’re looking for.


How does Reflexology work?

As the massage begins on your feet, your peripheral nerves will send messages to your central nervous system that you are safe and in a secure space where you can relax. These messages will help your body adjust its tension levels. As your fight-or-flight system begins to switch over to your rest-and-digest system, your levels of cortisol will reduce, your breathing will regulate, and blood flow will increase to your internal organs. You will begin to feel calmer. 

Why should you include it in your lifestyle?

We are all anxious or stressed at some point within our day, week, or month. We are constantly in that state of fight-or-flight. In small doses, it’s healthy and can even save our lives, but too much can do the exact opposite. Elevated cortisol levels and inflammation can lead to weight gain, poor sleep, muscle tension resulting in headaches, and high blood pressure. The bottom line — stress is bad for your body. 

All the benefits of reflexology can aid in reversing the effects of stress. It can help with that switch over to rest-and-digest mode which can improve digestion, sleep, result in lowered inflammation in the body, and a stronger immune system (I need a massage to fight off colds? Okay, if you insist!). It’s a good way to undo a bad day. For more research into the benefits of Reflexology, have a look here

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