Healthcare Rebate for Remedial Massage

Remedial Massage Perth

At Tara Massage Therapy, we are extremely proud to be a massage therapy centre which offers our clients the ability to claim back Healthcare Rebates for remedial massage therapy treatments. Showing our commitment to professionalism and our clients’ overall good health.

If you are a member of a Health Fund that offers rebates for remedial massage, you will be able to claim back the full or partial cost of the massage with Tara Massage Therapy (depending on the healthcare plan you are on).

Remedial massage offers huge health benefits to clients with a variety of ailments and complaints. Health benefits of remedial massage include, released muscle tension and pain, improved mobility, musculoskeletal correction, stress reduction, immune improvement, and increased vitality and healing.

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Good health is our focus

How does the Healthcare Rebate system work?

Being a member of Massage & Myotherapy Australia enables Tara Massage Therapy to issue health fund rebates to members of various health care fund providers. There are criteria when it comes to the rebate however, and these include:

  • The rebate only applies to the remedial massage treatments (as it is seen as medical in nature)
  • Therapists offering the treatments, have to have a minimum qualification of a Diploma of Remedial Massage and be members of Massage & Myotherapy Australia or a similar association.
  • Therapists and the therapy centre they work for, have to follow the code of conduct promoting professionalism and ethical integrity as outlined by the association.

All you have to do to claim rebates back, is to submit the receipt given to you by your therapist at Tara Massage Therapy to your Health Fund and they will reimburse you.

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